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Ally Key

For a smartphone-free anti-abandonment system

A smart FOB

Ally Key is the convenient FOB from Inglesina that allows you to have an anti-abandonment system even without using your smartphone. Thanks to its technology, it is able to detect the presence of the child in the car seat or carrycot.

It alerts you in case of emergency

If you leave the vehicle with your child still in it, Ally Key emits an audible alarm accompanied by a flashing red light, which alerts you until you approach the vehicle again or manually deactivate it.

You can connect it to the Ally Pad

You can connect your Ally Key to the Inglesina Ally Pad anti-abandonment device, further increasing safety in case of accidental abandonment. Up to 3 Ally Pads can be combined, a very useful feature when there are more car seats in the car.

Ally Key
Ally Key
Ally Key
A090MVK00 Pro systém proti opuštění bez smartphonu

Measure Inglesina practicality

Ally Key is easy to configure and pair with Ally Pad. It also indicates the battery level of both the FOB and the Ally Pad it is paired with.

It can be used without a smartphone
Bluetooth® Low Energy technology detects the presence of the child in the car seat or carrycot, without the use of a smartphone.

Compatible with all Inglesina products
The anti-abandonment device is compatible with all Inglesina car seats and carrycots (prepared for use in the car).

No limit of Ally Key for each Ally Pad
Ally Key is developed for the whole family. Indeed, each Ally Pad can be paired with several Ally Keys.

To learn more

Here you can download ALLY KEY extra content.

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